About Us

amy from cloudicos celebrating 3yrs 
Established in 2020 Cloudicos is a beacon of unique and magical makeup in the beauty industry, blending vibrant, whimsical designs with everyday wearability. Our creations are crafted to help you be a shining individual.

Every product, meticulously curated is a harmonious balance of aesthetic elegance, practicality, and high quality, formulated to complement a diverse range of skin tones. We are dedicated to ethical beauty, offering vegan, cruelty-free, and safe products that adhere to the highest standards.

We value continuous evolution and customer satisfaction, actively engaging with our community to refine and enhance our offerings. Based in Sydney, Cloudicos is proudly Australian, Chinese, and woman-owned, representing a fusion of cultures and a commitment to uniqueness and magical beauty.

Amy who created Cloudicos has used her professional makeup artistry and background in visual arts to create products that complement your natural beauty in a radiant way. Cloudicos products are used by everyone, magical girls, professional makeup artists and dreamers who aren't afraid to stand out.

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💌 Email: hello@cloudicos.com