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Thank you for your interest in working with Cloudicos!

We work with diverse creators and influencers worldwide and would love to hear from you. 

  • Include your social media profiles and reach information
  • Be already following us on our social media platforms and have engaged with our content in the past
  • Only get in touch if you are interested in the ongoing growth and relationship with us as a brand
  • Let us know why you are interested in collaborating

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If you do not receive a response, please don't be discouraged and feel free to try again at a later date. We don't have a dedicated team to manage our list so we can't work with too many people yet but hope to expand soon!

It is important to Cloudicos that our community is real and honest and diverse. We do not discriminate and promote diversity among our customer and creators.

Our PR list is not just a list but important relationships, and we are not interested in sending gifted products one time. We prefer to establish long-term relationships with others who are interested in growing alongside us as a growing brand.

We value talent, kindness, honesty, creativity, uniqueness and passion.

We do not have affiliate codes at this time.