Can You Use Eyeshadow as Lipstick?

Can You Use Eyeshadow as Lipstick?

The answer is: Yes, you absolutely can!
One of the most versatile products in your makeup kit could be eyeshadow or any pigment meant for eyes. It doesn't have to be confined to your eyelids; it can also be a fantastic way to mix up your lip game.

Not all eyeshadows are safe for lip use. It's essential to check the ingredient list before applying anything on your lips, as some pigments used in eyeshadows might not be recommended for ingestion or lip use.

Luckily, our product, Cosmic Eyelight - a loose glitter product that adds a new dimension to your beauty arsenal, is safe on lips. Many of our customers have already experimented with using it not only on the lips but also cheeks and nails.
So how do you apply loose glitter like Cosmic Eyelight to your lips? It's easier than you might think!

  • Step 1: Begin with a clean, well-hydrated base. Our lip gloss makes a perfect base to tap the glitter in.
  • Step 2: Using a lip brush, carefully pat Cosmic Eyelight onto your lips. Build up the color gradually, ensuring even distribution of the product.
  • Step 3: Dust off any excess glitter with a clean brush.
And there you have it – a mesmerising glittery lip look that's sure to turn heads! It will stick to a sticky base. Or you can use buffed into a matte lipstick as well.
The beauty of Cosmic Eyelight is its versatility. Here are some different ways to use it:

  • Ombré effect: Apply a darker lip liner and a lighter shade of Cosmic Eyelight in the center of your lips. Blend for a beautiful gradient.
  • Glitter accent: Use Cosmic Eyelight to add a pop of sparkle in the middle of your lower lip over your regular lipstick.
  • Full glitter lips: Go all out and cover your entire lips with Cosmic Eyelight for a dazzling, glamorous look.
  • Highlight: Apply a tiny amount on your cupid's bow for an instant lip highlight.
Don't be afraid to mix and match colours and techniques. And always remember, beauty is about expressing yourself and feeling good in your own skin.
So next time you're thinking about changing your lip game, remember that Cosmic Eyelight is perfect for this.

This versatile, shimmering loose glitter is more than just useful on the eyes, but also lips, and also on the nails and cheeks too! But we'll get into the use of it on nails and cheeks in another blog.

For now, thanks for reading!

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