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How To Get Healthy, Hydrated Lips. A Complete Guide and 6 Important Tips!

Need to get rid of chapped, dehydrated lips? Keep reading for simple and effective advice to keep your lips soft and moisturised.

Your lips need care too, just like your skin. Send this guide to a friend or partner who needs to read this! This list will provide you with everything you need to have soft, healthy lips.

1) Drink water
It doesn't matter what else you do, this is straight forward. If you're not well hydrated, you're going to show signs of that in your lips and face and skin. Your overall well being relies on sufficient hydration.

2) Exfoliate

A gentle exfoliate can help you begin the skin renewal process for your lips. Something grainy without being too harsh. A simple sugar mixed with a hydrating oil such as almond oil, rubbed gently with a finger onto your lips will help. Do this whenever you need, you don't need to every day. Don't use a toothbrush to rub product into your lips. Your lips need to be treated with gentleness and care!

3) Stop licking your lips

Okay seriously, saliva is only a temporary solution. Quit the habit, it does nothing but dry your lips out more. Opt for a hydrating lip balm or gloss if you need a shiny look that also protects your lip skin from the elements, weather, and also hydrates from within.

4) Vitamin E

So you're in the market for a hydrating lip product to apply over your lips. Vitamin E is essential for hydration. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, helps protect from sunlight, and promotes cell turnover and regeneration. New fresh skin = soft new lips. Our lipgloss formulas all include Vitamin E and thus are great multipurpose products that give you a beautiful look while also hydrating. Many of our customers use our gloss as an at-home lip treatment for this reason. Simply swipe on as needed.

5) Stay away from wax

Check the ingredients list of that balm you're checking out. Some products are only good for protecting rather than hydrating. Beeswax and other wax can be drying.

6) Avoid plumpers, matte lipsticks and certain flavours

There's always value in checking ingredients list. Cinnamon is included in many lip plumpers for that tingling effect. While your lips may look good in that moment, it'll have damaging effects long term. Stay way from plumpers! Juicy healthy lips with a bit of lipgloss will always get you a better effect than plumpers will. And matte lipsticks are a no-brainer, they can be obviously very drying and liquid lipsticks are often worse! If you want longevity, try a lip liner and gloss combo instead. Plus this option gives you a plumper lip look too! Win!


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