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Sustainable Beauty for our planet ☁️

🌺 Conscious Creation: At Cloudicos, every product thoughtfully made, formulated with ingredients that are sourced ethically and sustainably. In our supply chain, we try to ensure  that every component, from our vibrant pigments to our nourishing oils, comes from a good place. That doesn't mean natural necessarily as sometimes man-made materials e.g. synthetic mica is less harmful than mined traditional mica which is harmful to the earth.
🐇 Cruelty-Free & Vegan: Our commitment to compassion means no animals are harmed, and no animal-derived ingredients are used throughout our entire production process.
🌐 Less Plastic Waste: Our packaging is thoughtfully designed to use less plastic, with minimal design philosophy using smaller units of production and less of the unnecessary bulk. Where we can, we try to choose better materials and hope to develop refillable products in the future.
🌱 Community & Education: We strive to build a community of conscious consumers who are informed and passionate about sustainable beauty.
🔬 Continuous Improvement: The journey to sustainability is ever-evolving. At Cloudicos, we are devoted to continuous learning and improvement, embracing new technologies and practices that further our mission. We actively seek collaborations with environmental experts and organisations to expand our knowledge and impact.
We will always try to do better and not choose profits over the environment we live in.

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