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Cuddle Claw Clip

Cuddle Claw Clip

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Simple and stylish hair. Effortless class.

The Cuddle Clip marry's softness in its soft woven fabric, with a strong claw grip to protect and grip any hair type without pulling or pain.

Like a hug for your hair. Holds almost any hair type, even if your hair is slippy or full.

  • Hair style? Sorted
  • Pain? Non-existent
  • Troublesome hair? We got you
  • Cute? AF.

Chose which colour is more your vibe:

Milk: Off milky white.
Cream: Soft classy beige.
Latte: Warm tan.

11cm diameter.

How to Use

Open the claw over desired hairstyle, release to hold hair in place. So easy!

Use a damp cloth to clean the fabric.

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