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Happiness guarantee:

If you'd rather fight a dragon than wear our makeup, we'll refund you! If you don't like your order, shoot us an email and we'll refund you all your money (including shipping!)

We want to make sure you love what you got. Happiness guaranteed. <3

  • We make makeup that give an immediate wow factor.

    Compliments and confidence with Cloudicos. So that you look so effortlessly magical and cool.

    Standing out confidently. Glitter that's not childish, but refined and interesting.

    That's the vibe.

    About us 
  • About the owner

    Amy has years of experience working as a makeup artist in the beauty industry.
    Before makeup, she worked as an artist and a videographer.
    Now she spends most of her time making amazing things for Cloudicos!

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  • Photoshooting!

    Taking pictures and messing around (mostly just goofing off and having fun with makeup!)

  • Walking your orders to the post office

    Getting my steps + bringing every order in every day. (If I'm lazy the postie comes with a truck.)

  • Unboxing vibes

    Delivery days >>>
    Time to play! There's nothing like new, fun makeup to try. Enjoy! - xx Amy

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