About Us

Hi! Welcome to Cloudicos! Good to have you here!

Cloudicos is a a brand created by Amy in 2019.
Our product offering is made to be of high quality, with colour and fun in mind - whilst still being wearable for the everyday person. How we blend uniqueness with flattering colours is what makes our products special.
Amy curates and refines our products to be flattering to many skin tones, with aesthetic and practical packaging and of high quality formulas.
All our products are vegan and cruelty free and safe to use.
Our goal is to slowly grow with you as our customer to become a widely known brand down the line. We're actively growing and engaging with our customers to improve our offerings and take your feedback seriously.
One thing about Cloudicos is our constant evolvement, for the better of our products and for our customers.
Proudly Aussie, Chinese and woman owned.
Based in Sydney.

Contact: hello@cloudicos.com