Glow Getting Algae Extract and It's Skin Benefits!

Algae is an ingredient used in skincare for a very long time for its many practical benefits for the skin. It purifies, brightens, hydrates and even protects skin from sun damage.

How does it hydrate?

Algae extract is a humectant that reduces moisture loss, which is a must for those with dry skin. 

What about pigmentation?

That's right, algae extract can help with the appearance of hyper-pigmentation. The power of it comes from the high levels of vitamin C, a natural ingredient known for its brightening properties.

How does it protect against the sun?

First of all, I hope we are all big SPF fanatics. Sunscreen first and foremost. 
Algae produces water-soluble molecules called mycosporine amino acids, which act as added UV protection. This is not a substitute for sunscreen! But it's a nice bonus.

Clearing clogged pores.

Algae is full of anti-oxidants which include vitamin B, magnesium, zinc and detoxifying minerals that help clear out buildup in the pores, resulting in smoother and glowy skin!

Supple, smooth skin is here

By using products with algae extract, you are also introducing collagen to the skin to create supple, bouncy skin.

There's literally no downsides! This is why we love using this ingredient in our skincare mist,  Ambience. 

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