How I Cured My Mums Dry, Cracked lips.

How I Cured My Mums Dry, Cracked lips.

How I cured cracked lips with this lipgloss.

hydrating lipgloss

My dear Chinese mum is always fabulous, never underdressed, and always presentable. A big inspiration to me. We're the best shopping buddies.

But I noticed something about her beauty routine was amiss.

She always wears lipstick and lip colour over dry lips. Her lips being cracked really caused her a lot of problems in winter months too.

She's a die-hard luxury makeup fan and won't be caught dead without a lippie.

She's definitely someone who loves her luxury products and that high-end feeling but she really had a hard time keeping her dry skin and dry lips hydrated.

Like any loving daughter would, I considered this need of hers when I created our product packaging and formulation.

She won't give up lip colour, but she was also suffering from cracked lips and visible lip lines. I made sure the lip wand for Cloudkiss was soft and gentle on the lips. But most importantly, I made sure the ingredient formulation actually made a difference.

mum wearing hydrating lipgloss lip oil with berry tint

Spoiler alert: Mum is happy, mission success.

Where other lipgloss and lip oil formulations include non-nourishing oils such as vegetable oil, or unnecessary fillers, I made sure the ingredients list was as simple and effective as possible. All the while adding the perfect amount of colour that looked flattering, wasn't too hard to use due to extreme pigment, and just a joy to apply overall.

My goal:

I wanted to make a lipgloss that had healing properties; something more effective than traditional waxy lip balms, but also stays put on your lips without running down like watery lip oils.

I knew when creating Cloudkiss lipgloss, that I needed it to be hydrating while also providing a wash of colour. I investigated really nourishing ingredients and knew I wanted to incorporate them into my formulas. Doing it for mum! You're welcome mum.

I developed a formula for lipgloss that worked so well on the lips, take a look at our key ingredients.

Our ingredient highlights:

vitamin e


  • Vitamin E. A natural anti-oxidant derived from refined soybean oil. Gluten free, natural. Moisturises the lips and reduces scarring and lip lines.
  • Vitamin A. Derived from sweet almond oil rejuvinates the lips by removing dead skin cells. It protects from UV and is rich in fatty acids which moisturise and heal chapped lips. It's emollient and keeps lips soft and smooth. It also can even our your lip skin tone over time!

Lip shine for days.

lipgloss colour


The second I made my first samples, my mum loved it, her lips were transformed and she wanted more. Now she uses her Cloudkiss a lot at night before bed, the clear gloss we sell called Vapour is perfect for under mask use and nighttime use as lip care before bed.

My friends wanted to try it, they loved it and more people wanted them. It's addicting, it makes your lips so soft and perfectly shiny. Don't be surprised if you end up wanting to collect them all!

These lip products will be essential in your purse and beauty routine.

It hasn't always been a perfect formula to be honest. We've made some mistakes with wrong fragrance oils and adding mint to our formula in the past.

This was back in 2019! But now, our formula is so delightful and perfected. It's almost like a lip oil with the hydrating, cushiony element. Non-sticky, always. Cruelty free and vegan.

You'll love wearing our Cloudkiss lipgloss on its own, over lipstick, paired with a lip liner, or even at night before bed. Such a hydrating lip formula you will love.

Shop your favourite colours today and find out why this gloss is such a hidden gem and why mum loves it. Handmade with love in Sydney, Australia. Enjoy!

Free shipping on orders over $65 AUD. You can unlock free shipping by ordering on our build your own gloss bundle page to try a bunch of colours or share with your friends and family (or your own mum!)

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