Which lipgloss is the best? In depth look at what lipgloss suits you!

Which lipgloss is the best? In depth look at what lipgloss suits you!

Which lipgloss is the best?

What makes a good lipgloss and which brand and lip gloss is best suited for you?

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Shiny lipgloss is all the rage right now and for good reason. The 90s lipgloss look has come back and the benefit of lipgloss right now is that many glosses have bonus skincare benefits even if you're wearing a mask over your face.

There are so many lipglosses on the market (including our own Cloudkiss range) that it can be overwhelming to decide which one to start with!

This is a list of some of the best tried and true lipglosses to consider depending on your needs and preferences.

Not all lipglosses are the same! Some are long lasting, some are hydrating, some are pigmented and some are sheer! Some have plumping benefits and there's so many colours on the market.


Most Long Lasting Lipgloss

Long lasting lipgloss has one major downside that is typical and that is that it is sticky. The sticky element of long lasting glosses makes it exactly that - long lasting!

Two of these glosses are the Mac lipglasses or the NYX Shine Loud Pro Pigment Lip Shine. Mac lipglasses have a stickier formulation that make it durable for hours and the NYX lippie is interesting because it's a two step process to set your product to prevent any smudging!

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Best Non Sticky Lipgloss

For lipgloss that isn't sticky, our Cloudkiss lipgloss formula is perfect! It's also a hydrating, vitamin E infused gloss for added skin benefits. Our gloss is formulated with less pigment as to avoid accidental smudging and being universally flattering. It's also got a subtle peach scent that isn't overpowering!

Other brands have many non sticky lipglosses e.g. Kylie Cosmetics High gloss, Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb and Maybelline Lifter glosses.

maybelline lifter gloss

If you are sensitive to scents and flavourings, I would steer clear from Fenty gloss bomb and Maybelline Lifter glosses as both of these products have heavy sweet scents. Haven't tried the Kylie one personally but I've heard many good things!

Best Lightweight Lipgloss

Want a lipoil type of formula for your lips? Lip oils tend to be even more lightweight than non-sticky lipgloss formulas. You can go to many Korean brands that do lip oil excellently. Or try Clarins lip comfort oil or the Dior addict lip glow oil. Both of these products have large round applicators which are fun!

Our Cloudicos Cloudkiss formulation is actually a blend between gloss and oil, being just cushiony enough to be a staple gloss without the stickiness but all the benefits of hydration but not being too watery.

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Best Plumping Lipgloss

Want lipfillers without the needle? Try a plumping lipgloss. These you should be aware of the ingredients as the plumping effect is created with ingredients such as cinnamon, menthol and capsaicin which is a type of spicy pepper. These ingredients you should check if you're allergic.

They will stimulate blood flow to your lips and create a swollen look. I'd be careful with these! You can also create a lip filler lipgloss look by pairing a nude liner with a semi sheer gloss. Gain without pain!

The best lip plumping gloss would be Too faced lip injection which you can try at your local Mecca! 

too faced lip injection lipgloss

Best Cheap Lipgloss

Want something at a lower price point? I can definitely recommend Essence shine shine shine lipgloss which is only $4 at Priceline! They're a formulation that we personally loved and was inspired by when creating Cloudkiss. We loved the high shine and cushiony feeling. Just note that the Essence gloss has a very sweet scent! Unfortunately the shade range is limited.

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Shop small business

Why not buy lipgloss made by a small brand? You'll be supporting someone's dreams and many small businesses launched in the pandemic that sell lipgloss. There's so many fun colours, flavours, variations and formulas out there on the market. You'll definitely find something you'll love!

If you haven't tried already - try our Cloudkiss lipgloss if you like the sound of hydration, sheer fuss free formulas, cushiony lips without stickiness! (And a yummy but not overpowering natural peach scent!)

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